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Violin | Viola | Cello


Violin Lessons

I do a variety of styles in music for the violin. I use whatever method (book or teaching style) is needed to teach what the student needs to learn.


Cello Lessons

I have been teaching cello privately for 10 years, my lessons depend on the age of the child. During these lessons you will learn proper positioning, plucking, bowing, and more.


Viola Lessons

Much like the violin, I also do a variety of styles in music for the viola using whatever method is needed to teach my students. We also deal with general Viola care techniques.


Theory Lessons

Music theory is the study of the practices and possibilities of music.  You will learn the theories of music, including musical elements and notations.

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Violins play an important role to all types of music genres. From Western classical tradition to rock and roll – I will teach you how to master the violin.


The Viola is slightly larger than the violin and has a special sound quality which helps to fill in harmonies in an orchestra. Learn to play the viola like a pro.


Cellos are well known for their use in symphony orchestras, creating beautiful harmonies and often used in a variety of music styles around the world.

Music Theory

My primary job is to see you achieve your goals in relation to your instrument. I also encourage that you take every opportunity to perform.

Chris Hein String Studio

About Me

Have you ever considered playing the violin, viola, or cello? It is as easy or hard as you make it. I find that if you want to do it, you can do it.  I teach anyone who can stay focused for 30 minutes on one subject. (Usually over the age of 5, but I have made exceptions)

 I take children, teens, and adults. My hours are flexible. 

I will move at the student’s pace. If they need more time, we will move slowly, if the student practices a lot, we move faster.   I can be as technical or untechnical as the student needs me to be. I can teach by ear, but I do stress the importance of learning how to read music. I am well versed in many styles of music and enjoy helping others to discover what they can do.

Online Music Lessons

Learning to play an instrument has never been easier, with my online lesson plans. No matter where you are, my online classes are hassle-free and designed for convenience. Much like classes in my studios, I try to keep the same routine because for some students it’s easier for them to focus if they know the lesson is going to move in a familiar way. It’s reassuring. After we become proficient in the basics, we move into whatever genre you would like to play, within reason. If you are in the school orchestra we will work towards you getting an A.

Open to calls for questions on course.

What People Say

Chris is an excellent violin instructor. Our 10-year-old son enjoys his weekly lessons and always returns joyful and confident. Chris brings out his love of music while providing the guidance and instruction needed to grow his abilities. It has been wonderful watching him develop his skills and love of violin under Chris's instruction. She is very responsive and accommodating to our busy schedule, which is much appreciated.
My 9 year old is taking violin lessons through Chris and is learning so much! She also teaches the fundamentals through music theory! Amazing!
My two daughters have enjoyed taking lessons from Chris Heins for the last two years. She is open and understanding of the kids. They have improved under her teaching.
Ms Chris has been absolutely amazing with working around my full-time work schedule, and is always happy to answer each question or concern that comes up with the struggle to learn the violin.
Viola instruction is very thorough. Covers theory and all aspects of playing. Lessons can be tailored for school pieces or competitions.
The instructor is very kind and is willing to work through any problems you may have with the music.
Ms Chris was great my daughter really enjoyed her first lesson. Ms Chris was easy to work with and made my daughter comfortable that she felt free to ask questions and make mistakes without worry. My daughter is looking forward to the next lesson.

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