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Violin Lessons

I do a variety of styles in music for the violin. I use whatever method (book or teaching style) is needed to teach what the student needs to learn. I have been teaching violin for 27 years. Depending on age, we will start in either Essential Elements or Suzuki. All beginners will start the bow after they can read the first 8 notes. All intermediates will be able to play 2 octave scales from 3 sharps to 3 flats. They will also be able to shift into third position cleanly and will be starting on vibrato. For all advanced students will learn three octaves scale starting with books or sheet music. IF they wish other styles, we will have started that in intermediate. All students will have an opportunity to go through the Music Development Program.

Viola Lessons

Much like the violin, I also do a variety of styles in music for the viola using whatever method is needed to teach my students. We start with note reading as we will be well into the technical study book. We also deal with general care. I will tune your instrument every time you come in for lessons until you learn how to tune it yourself. We will review the day before, I will check on what work you’ve done and then move onto the next song/ technique etc. After we learn how to pluck the first 8 notes, we start with scales and bowing.

Cello Lesson

I have a degree in music with a teaching certificate. I have been teaching cello privately for 10 years. Depending on the age of the child we will start with either Essential Elements or Suzuki cello book one. They will start with proper positioning and plucking. Once they have 8 notes down, we start bowing. For immediate and advanced players, we will be Working on scales and etudes along with songs and styles they may want to learn with the opportunity to join the Music Development Program.

Music Theory

My primary job is to see you achieve your goals in relation to your instrument. I also encourage that you take every opportunity to perform. There are many groups in the area that allow for different ages and styles of music. I can help you understand what is going on behind the music and hopefully see what the composer was hoping to convey, if that is something you want to know. When I was a student I always wanted to know “why?”. As a teacher, you will understand why after each lessons. 

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If you have any questions of me or methods I use, feel free to ask. I teach Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at Bullock’s as well as Wednesdays and Saturdays. Saturdays are 1-4pm.

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